Clay Cox Certified Advanced Rolfer
 Clay Cox Certified Advanced Rolfer

Clay Cox    1 520 323-0188
Mon-Fri  9:00 am -5:00 pm
5417 E. Waverly St. Tucson, AZ.  85712

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Academy of Pain Management is the official website of Clay Cox
Clay was an advanced Rolfer for over 35 years and is a member of the
American Academy of Pain Management.

Rolfing ® is an original and scientifically validated system of body restructuring and movement education. Through the ten session Rolfing series the body is balanced in relationship to itself and within the field of gravity by working with the connective tissue. Read more...

A professional Rolfer uses physical pressure to stretch and guide the connective tissue, lengthening and organizing it, allowing for more efficient, flexible movement.  The person being Rolfed participates in the process by moving, breathing and releasing the holding patterns within the connective tissue, allowing the innate balance of the body to become the teacher.


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